What People Are Saying

“Lily is a fantastic coach and helped me to succeed on a very challenging part of my Freediving journey (-28m -> -34m). She captured all details during the dive and knows how to make change on me. With her help, I eventually completed AIDA 4 program and genuinely gained confidence and improved diving experience.” 

– Tao

“I had an amazing time taking the Freediving for stress & anxiety course. I really recommend taking a course with the lovely Lily Crespy. Such a nice and generous instructor! Thank you Lily and team for lovely days!

– Sophia

“I couldn’t have wished for a better instructor than Lily! Patient, caring, fun and beautiful, inside and out. I feel very very fortunate to learn from her 🙂

– Roisin

“Lily is a very dedicated freediver, an athlete and a very experienced teacher. She is also a lovely person, very reliable and she makes you feel good and relax in the water, that is so important when you learn or train Freediving. She actually has got all the qualities to help you for any difficulties that you might have on every level, and in extra with a lot of fun.” 

– Jean-Philippe

“I did my AIDA 4 as well as my instructor course with Lily who is amazing at her job in every way. The instructor course was quite intense but Lily managed to spread out our schedule to make us feel more at ease. She is very motivating, very well organised, passionate about her teaching and demonstrates her lessons very clearly. I also felt very safe every time we had a practical session.

Both courses were super super fun, I learnt so much and I am so blessed to have had such an incredible instructor.”

– Sophie

I trained with Lily Crespy on numerous depth sessions in Dahab and finally for the AIDA 4 certificate. Amongst all the instructors I have trained with she was my favourite. Her quick analysis of issues means she will quickly spot and fix aspects of your technique or approach, while her gentle manner puts you immediately at ease so that you can focus on the task in hand. But I remember many times she would save the best and most fundamental piece of advice for the minutes before you take that breath.”

– David