All AIDA course levels from AIDA1 to AIDA Instructor

In-person coaching

Online coaching – individual 1h sessions

Online coaching- long-term coaching programs (1 month or more)



For teams or individuals. 

In-person or online.

Goal-setting, motivation, performance anxiety, competition nerves, dealing with failure or injury, visualization, anchoring, inner-talk, self-sabotage, focus and flow-state, fear of failure/success…



Conference about stress-management, goal-setting and performance – what I learned from 10 years as a freediving competitive athlete.

Team or individual sessions: practical tools and techniques for stress-management and a better self-confidence for performance at work.

I am offering you a range of mental coaching services: from athletes and sports teams wanting to improve their mental strength and to work on mental preparation for a competition, to corporations interested in stress-management and improving performance, or individuals going through big life changes and needing help in setting goals or dealing with anxiety.

I can work with you either in person or online, from short-term individual single sessions to work on a specific issue, to long-term coaching programs, everything is possible.

Contact me for a free 30-minute chat to discuss your needs and goals, see if the vibe feels right, and decide if we are a good match!