Lily Crespy

Founder & Coach

Freediving is such a singular sport, relying in huge majority on the mind. During the last nine years working full-time as a freediving coach, my approach has always been to work on technique of course, but also heavily based on empathy, deep listening, doing the detective work to understand the mental blocks stopping the progression and finding the right keys and tools to unlock them.

I absolutely love helping people achieve their goals, reach their full potential, witnessing their breakthroughs and sharing the journey with them.

I believe the greatest athlete is not necessarily the best coach, and vice-versa. To find the perfect coach for you, you need someone you click with and trust. Someone who understands you and will be able to keep you motivated when the going gets tough.

My Story

From molecular biologist to freediving athlete to professional coach, here’s a bit more about me.

My name is Lily Crespy, I was born in 1981 in France and I always felt that I wanted to help people. I was also fascinated by the brain very early on. At first it took the shape of a scientific career, doing research in cell and molecular biology for 7 years on Alzheimer’s disease. 

When I turned 30, my life got turned upside down. I went backpacking for a few months to clear my head, and randomly signed up for a beginner freediving course in Thailand. It was a revelation: love at first dive! Over the ten years that followed, I became a freediving athlete competing at international level, but also a well-respected instructor and coach.

 I now want to use all the personal skills, tools, experience and knowledge that I acquired, to help freedivers and other athletes achieve their sporting goals and their full potential.

Aside from sports, I also believe mental coaching tools can be of great help for stress-management, performance, goal-setting, planning and motivation, for any professional in their job, and for anyone going through a major change in their personal life.


Freediving Experience

Coaching & Teaching Freediving Full Time

Students - Complete Beginners to Top Athletes

Selections - French National Team for the World Championships

Ranked Top 4 Deepest Females in France

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